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    Dicore, YOUR TOP RELIABLE PARTNERLithium batteries are manufactured with advanced equipment, such as Techland, ROSS, Pioneer, Druid, Win-Win and so on. It meets the requirements of a complete set of production processes, such as electrode preparation, core assembly, chemical composition capacity, etc.

    SanDeYing Electronic is a one-stop PCB supplier, founded in 2006, located in Shenzhen, a city famous for its electronic industry. It has ISO and UL certificate, and honored as HI-TECH enterprise by Shenzhen government.

    Currently SDY has more than 300 staff, about 1 0,000 sqm factory area, and 25,000 sqm production capacity per month. The factory has necessary pollution treatment facilities and meets environmental policy of both local and national government. It is planning to build a brand new factory in Dongguan, near Shenzhen, in order to meet the growing business. The new factory will have production capacity of 50,000 sqm per month.

    SDY has more than 80% automatic production facilities, and a variety of famous brand facilities are used in all processes, those facilities are made by HITACHI, TIMAX, TALIANG, TONGTAI, ZHNEGZHI, CSUN, UCE, and so on, mainly from Japan, China Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    SDY manufactures various kinds of PCBs, including single layer PCBs, double layer PCBs, multilayer PCBs, high TG FR-4 PCBs, heavy copper PCBs, impedance controlled PCBs, gold finger PCBs, plating gold PCBs, and some other PCBs according to customers’ requirements. All of the PCBs are RoHS compliant and environmental friendly. Customers can work with SDY to meet different requirements instead of working with several suppliers, which will simplify the purchasing process, get quality PCBs, get on time delivery and saves cost in all. Most of the customers are from domestic China, Asian, North America, and Europe.

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